What is G Technology G Drive? G-Drive 4TB review

Low quality drivers are in vogue and many end-user devices have replaced entry-level products and hard disk drives that rotate from the data center, but hard drives still have poultry control methods .

SSDs have lower power consumption, faster performance and vibration resistance, and are not yet stuck with hard drives in terms of unit storage costs, especially several terabyte capacities.

For example, the GT-Technology G Drive costs as little as $ 153 (approximately $ 215) for the 4TB model, while the 6TB model is available for only $ 20. You will not find an external SSD of 1TB for less than T300 (G-Tech G-Drive is an exception for less than $ 200).

Designed to fit Apple’s product line, the G-Technology G-Drive has an aluminum case with a glossy G logo and front air (to cool the air) on the external hard drive. At the top of the large G line there is a beautiful screen, with a power switch, a USB Type-C connector (Gen 1, therefore, it is only up to 5 Gbps) and a power outlet on the back.

It is a larger set compared to 196 x 128.5 x 35.3 mm that weighs less than 1 kg, due to the 3.5-inch hard drive.

In addition, a 19V, 3.42A (65W) power supply unit goes with the device, which is contrary to the minimum controller design. Four rubber feet and the usual details (serial number, barcode) are located on the base of the device. The controller can charge your MacBook or MacBook Pro (or even any laptop that supports the power supply).

The G-Drive external drive is plug-and-play on Apple Mac and can be easily reformatted for Windows. You are also ready for Time Machine so you can quickly backup all your files.

Open this unit and you will find the Western Digital WD40EMRX-82UZ0N0. This is a 4 TB hard disk rotor with a 64 MB cache of 5400 RPM, a storage device designed to provide cold temperatures in use and target NAS users.

There is a 10 TB model, a 256 MB cache, available directly in US G-tech for $ 370 (about $ 260), but not yet available in the United Kingdom.

WD says its red range has NAS compatibility, high reliability, fault recovery controls and sound and vibration protection, making it a good option for use cases that require greater reliability than your grinder’s hard drive.

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