Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

The journey of the hero of Cal Kestis will be nothing without a good skill tree, so we will choose some of the best skills you can get from Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order.

When Cal starts playing, he suffers from a memory of spontaneous escape, which means that he does not have all his Jedi powers until you advance in the game and unlock them, thanks to Order 66 as a result of his deportation. Along the way you will gain skill points by defeating enemies and selecting the ability to unlock these points during the game.

In this guide, we will show you the best skills to choose early to make adventure activities a little easier for Cal and the gang.

When you defeat the enemies, you will see a small mouse bar filling the bottom of the screen as part of the minimum HUD of the Fall Order. By completing this, you choose a skill point that you cannot take off. However, if Cal dies on the way to the top of the skill point, he will abandon the abilities that have already been granted and will have to recover them by attacking the enemy that suits him.

This ability allows Cal to close the distance between him and his enemies. He is one of the most powerful talents in the sport. Does crazy damage, and if you have enough power, you can attack an enemy to get rid of him. The second update improves the possibility.

Empowered Slow

With this power, Cal can catch groups of enemies during the war and is useful for dealing with multiple hurricanes and critics who attack quickly. To stop them all at once, press the designated button and clear the edge of the battle.

Fast deviation

This ability can automatically block the laser beam when the calibration is executed. This is especially useful if you don’t want to deal with a big enemy block: you can pass them safely and know that the laser beam won’t hurt you. Reflection is still a useful trick, but it makes the whole game easier and the projections are accurate.

The power of friendship

This will cost you three points, but playing the final game of Fallen Order is still an incredible skill. That means that when you use one of the stimulants in BD-1, all your power is restored. This will change the way you approach boss fights and difficult enemies: even if you have low levels of health, you can burn all your strength before you can boost them and easily damage your opponent. Once you get this, you can use the script mentioned above and the late lightsaber that throws cheese to sponge enemies when you have problems.

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