Buy a GPU dedicated server

Hence what’s essential is to know who could provide you with a reliable service and the best performance spec at the lowest monthly payment. If you do not want to use high performance of GPUs, considering a cloud-based GPU dedicated server continuously is the best option.

FastGPU provides servers that come with up to 16 GPUs per each server. They also classify their GPU based on suitable specializations. Fast GPU dedicated server suggests NVIDIA Tesla V100 based servers are ideal for deep learning and high precision calculations. NVIDIA RTX 2080 based Servers to process tasks like CUDA libraries.
NVIDIA also offers its cloud that provides users with a hub for deep learning and machine learning.
Lambda GPU provides an hourly rate of 1.50 USD per server 4x GTX 1080 Ti (11 GB VRAM) powered with an eight-core virtual processor.

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Amazon markup their p2.xlarge, which runs with 1 GPU and four virtual cores at 0.900 USD per hour. These P2 instances are created for general purpose streams such as CUDA or OpenCL based machine learning or deep learning.

Host.AG – High Quality Dedicated Servers In Flexible Rates provides dedicated servers with GPU based specs with Intel i3 2 Cores, 4 Threads, 3.90 GHz 8GB RAM 100GB SSD Nvidia GT1030 goes at 55 USD. Yet another similar option would be HOSTKEY who offers NVIDIA GTX1080 / Ti, and RTX2080Ti GPU powered Servers starting from 67 USD a week.

There are more than enough service providers in this area, and it’s up to you to choose the right one looking at what you are willing to pay for it, how long you need it and how powerful should it be.

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